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Welcome to Mont County Public Schools (MCPS)! We are delighted to have you and your family join the MCPS family。Whether you are new to MCPS, have just moved into the community, or have lived here for many years, we believe this site will be helpful to you。

There are videos on school operations, links to the latest news on MCPS, and links to some common documents, all in Chinese! Everyone at MCPS is committed to making sure your child gets the best education possible in school。Welcome again to MCPS! We are very happy to have you in our family!

   QuickNotes - News and Information for the MCPS Community 

The QuickNotes Newsletter is published every two weeks, Keep parents and the community updated on the latest news about Mont County public schools, These include resources to help children learn at home, new vaccine requirements, resources to help parents communicate with schools and teachers, decisions to close or postpone school due to bad weather, applications for various gifted, magnetic and school choice programs, summer learning opportunities, and more。

We've revamped the QuickNotes newsletter so you can now view it anytime you want without an email subscription。Please click to viewThe latest issue of the newsletter

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