Board of Education



蒙哥马利县bet8九州登录入口是该县的官方教育决策机构. 校董会负责公立学校系统的指导和运作. 该委员会由7名县居民组成,由选民选举产生,任期4年,由中学生选举产生一名学生,任期1年. 董事会成员在全国范围内选举产生,但在他们居住的董事会区域内自由运作.

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Our Mission

每个学生都会有学术, 创造性解决问题, 以及社交情感技能,才能在大学和职业生涯中取得成功.


Our Vision



Core Purpose


Core Values


我们认为我们必须让每一个学生参与进来, every day; learning is achieved by cultivating curiosity and encouraging determination, focus, and hard work; and adult learning and engagement are key to student learning.

THEREFORE, 我们将鼓励和支持批判性思维, problem solving, active questioning, and risk taking to continuously improve; stimulate discovery by engaging students in relevant and rigorous academic, social, and emotional learning experiences; and challenge ourselves to analyze and reflect upon evidence to improve our practices.


WE BELIEVE that each individual’s contributions add value to our learning community; fair treatment, honesty, openness, and integrity are essential; and the diversity of our culture, interests, skills, 背景是让我们更强大的资产.

THEREFORE, we will model civility in all interactions and encourage candid conversations; deal fairly and honestly with each other; and listen to others’ perspectives with openness and accept that there are various points of view.


WE BELIEVE that meaningful collaboration is vital to our success; strong partnerships are built on trust and open and honest communication; and building relationships with our diverse community requires us to understand the perspectives and experiences of others.

THEREFORE, we will get to know student and staff members as individuals to better serve them; engage in interest-based decision making with our partners to achieve mutually agreed upon goals; and build strong relationships with students, family, staff, 以及支持学习的社区.


WE BELIEVE that raising the bar and setting high standards is necessary to ensure that all students graduate ready for college and career; we have to expect the best to get the best from everyone, every day; and creating intellectual excitement and supporting personal growth inspires us all toward excellence.

THEREFORE, we will push unceasingly for continuous improvement; hold our practice and our work to the highest possible standards; and nurture a culture of creativity and inquiry that supports innovation and progress.


WE BELIEVE that each and every student matters; outcomes should not be predictable by race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status; equity demands the elimination of all gaps; and creating and maximizing future opportunities for students and staff is necessary.

THEREFORE, we will hold high expectations for all students and staff; distribute resources as necessary to provide extra supports and interventions so all students can achieve; identify and eliminate any institutional barriers to students’ success; and ensure that equitable practices are used in all classrooms and workplaces.